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Well, after destroying a brand new TAPCO G2 hammer by filing through the case hardened surface, I had to order a replacement FCG. I got my FSE FCG in the mail today. The FSE hammer was definitely a better profile than the TAPCO. The FSE had more meat on the hammer where the bolt and carrier ride across it, as well as the hammer having a definite ramp to allow the bolt/carrier to return to battery. This was the problem I encountered with the TAPCO hammer (see my thread on my Arsenal Build). The FSE FCG uses the standard pins with no hammer pin sleeve, unlike the TAPCO G2 set. The installation was drop in with no problems other than having to rotate my selector counter-clockwise to clear the disconnector when installing it. I think I could have installed the trigger assembly after the selector but didn't try it that way.

The trigger pull on the FSE unit is not as good as the TAPCO G2 unit. The FSE was gritty and about 5 lbs (my guess, no scales) and the TAPCO unit was about 3.5-4 lbs (significantly lighter and SMOOTHER). This could have been from the trigger sleeve. An unexpected pleasure from the FSE FCG. It is almost a 2 stage trigger, which I really like. The hammer sets in a lower cocked position on the trigger surface than the stock FCG position. When pulling the trigger slowly, the disconnector contacts the hammer slightly, causing trigger pull to change a little. This reminded me of the thread about making a poor mans 2-stage trigger. It was done by the factory and nor me. It is not noticable during rapid fire and is not a trigger reset point, but it makes for a nice point for trigger take-up during some sighting in or precision shooting.

I am going to try to weld up the TAPCO hammer to build up the surface and then redo the profile to similar to the FSE unit. After that I will attempt to heat treat the whole thing so that I can use it on another build. BUT, once that FCG is gone, then I will only get FSE FCG's.
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