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Probably another case of probation.

Teen with empty gun pulls trigger at head of off-duty Salem officer

November 25, 2004

Three off-duty Salem police officers returning to their car from a Portland restaurant last weekend were accosted by a teenage boy who pointed a handgun at the head of one of the officers and pulled the trigger, Portland police said.

The gun did not have a magazine in it and did not fire. Two of the officers pulled their off-duty weapons and quickly apprehended the teenager, identified as Mohamed Ahmed, 17, of Portland.

The officers, Joe Miller, Scott Emmons and Jeff Keniston, alerted a passing Portland officer, who arrested the teenager, said Sgt. Brian Schmautz of the Portland Police Bureau.

The incident began about 12:30 a.m. Sunday as Miller, Emmons and Keniston walked to their private car from a restaurant near Second and Pine streets SW in downtown Portland.

As they approached their car, another car pulled alongside. When the driver opened the door, it struck the officers' car and damaged it, Schmautz said.

When one of the officers called out to the driver, the driver pulled a .45-caliber handgun. Two full clips were found in the car, Schmautz said.

Ahmed faces several charges, including unlawful use and possession of a weapon, obliterating the identification information on a firearm and minor in possession of alcohol.

Salem police Lt. Bill Kohlmeyer praised the officers for showing restraint.

"It's amazing it didn't end in a shooting (of Ahmed) because it certainly would have been justified."

-- Dan de Carbonel and Jody Lawrence Turner

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That little bastard should have been shot by those cops. And your right Preacher, he'll probably get a slap on the wrist.

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With a name like Mohamed you bet the liberal scum in Portland will let him off. It's not like he was doing anything bad. All he wanted to do was shoot some white guy. The fact that the white guy was a cop would have just been a bonus. I will be surprised if he doesn't sue the police and win for racial profiling and discrimination.

Now you know one of the reasons why I don't live in Portland.
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