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Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes, Experts Warn

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Female homicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants which are almost impossible to detect, British spies have reportedly discovered. The shocking new Al Qaeda tactic involves radical doctors inserting the explosives in women's breasts during plastic surgery — making them "virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines."
It is believed the doctors have been trained at some of Britain's leading teaching hospitals before returning to their own countries to perform the surgical procedures.
MI5 has also discovered that extremists are inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some male bombers.
"Women suicide bombers recruited by Al Qaeda are known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery," Terrorist expert Joseph Farah claims.

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The discovery of these methods was made after London-educated Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab came close to blowing up an airliner in the U.S. on Christmas Day.
He had stuffed explosives inside his underpants.
Hours after he had failed, Britain's intelligence services began to pick up "chatter" emanating from Pakistan and Yemen that alerted MI5 to the creation of the lethal implants.
A hand-picked team investigated the threat which was described as "one that can circumvent our defense."
Top surgeons have confirmed the feasibility of the explosive implants.
Explosive experts allegedly told MI5 that a sachet containing as little as five ounces of PETN could blow "a considerable hole" in an airline's skin, causing it to crash.

Now my wife can't nudge me if I stare at at a great set of hooters at the Airport!!!!!!

:useless:Any big bombers out there :trulies:
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So is this something that has been done already? Are there a bunch of whacko terrorists with big explosive boobs walking around awaiting orders from Osama? And dudes with bombs stuffed inside their ass cheeks? hahahahhahahhahahaha!!
Have anyone actually carried out a successful attack using this technique, or is this still just a theory?
Good post, btw.
Maybe I could get a job at TSA. I can spot fake tits a mile away!!:)

4th IDvet can handle the butt implants:rockin:
It's chertoff just trying to sell his body scanners. Those bastards will have them everywhere soon. I'm not willing to sell my liberty for security.
Holy shit batman!!!...exploding hooters!!...No one in the strip club is safe anymore!!LOL.....What in the hell is the world coming too....I don't think we are in kansas anymore todo......This is Some crazy shit!!...These are some persistant Wacko motherfuckers.....This problem is easily solved!!.....The united nations Needs to Give their country 30 days to hand over all known Al Qadea people And if they don't....We level their whole fucking country.....the bottom line is I know there are good people over their, But Some of those good people Know who and where these motherfuckers are at!!....And they do not say anything because of fear....I would bet Our threat would overide the terriost fear, And we would make some serious arrest over there....It is bullshit!! we are dealing with crazy motherfuckers...And the only way to deal with crazy people is to get crazy yourself!!....We have sons and daughters, and brothers and fathers over there trying to protect these people from their brothers (wackos) and yet we are not getting the help from them we need....I don't give a fuck who you are or how much money you have, You can not hide from everyone...Someone knows where these motherfuckers are at, And will not turn them in because they fear for there lives, Well What do you think they would do if they Feared for their lives and their whole familys lives By not turning Al Qaeda over to us???
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I'm with you Paul!!! I'm sure we still have a few Nuetron bombs hanging around.
Yes Yes.. I will.

Maybe I could get a job at TSA. I can spot fake tits a mile away!!:)

4th IDvet can handle the butt implants:rockin:
But. They would still need a detonator, which would show up in screening.
These chicks are definitely going to get checked again by me.
"Ladies now follow my instructions please. Come in the back room. I see a little problem with your cute..." Oh God. I would be fired in 1 day. :)
One of these ladies "is" a terrorist with an implant.
Know your enemy. Study your enemy.
If you spot any one of these ladies. Pleas P.M. me immediately. Do not approach her.
We have a trained crew of professionals here. Do not approach. P.M.
Thank you for your help in this serious problem of National Security.


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yep progressive western governments spend billions training these types to be Doctors --supposedly to go back their and provide the minimum of health care for their improvised populations. but what do they do--learn to do TNT boob jobs to blow up jet liners!

these are some warped MFs!
A detonater wouldn't necessarily show up on a screening. We think of a classic metal blasting cap, but all you need is a small quantity of a sensitive explosive. No container needed, it could be attached to the main charge in a small baggie. Some means to set it off could be as simple as a small syringe with the secondary liquid of a binary mix. I assume diabetics are allowed their insulin kit in flight?
who knows? the next terrorist target might be "Hooters"?--
Ya know, there's gotta be a Dolly Parton joke in here somewhere......
How did that Joe Walsh song go. ILBTs
Big t--s in the mournin
or a mid-day snack
big t--s in the evenin' a big t-- attack.
I like big t--s uh huh.

I don't care what the fear mongers print. It will never change my love for hooters:kewlpics:
All jokes aside, does anyone here know if this is even possible? It just sounds too far fetched to me.
Of course I don't doubt that the jihadists have explored this idea and even weirder ones. But is this really possible? They would have to have the cooperation of a trained plastic surgeon, plus the necessary medical equipment and staff, enough time for the person to recover from the operation, etc. I don't know anything about liquid explosives except for what I've seen in the movies, so that part I can't say jack about. It just seems like there are too many parts to a plot like this for it to not get screwed up along the way. Can anyone drop a little knowledge on this subject?
A "trained plastic surgeon" is required to do a breast enhancement and make it look good, any old hack can make a couple incisions and stuff a baggie full of material in there and sew it up. Ever seen the pic of Tara Reid after her top fell down a few years ago? Her surgeon botched her boob job, her nickname after that was "franken-boobs", scars everywhere. Back in the old days they simply made a cut under the breast where there was naturally a crease in the skin, lifted the fatty breast tissue away from the chest muscle, and inserted an implant, then stitched the skin back together. A few days later, other than causing pain when the arms were lifted, the woman could return to almost normal activity. Sound like something any doctor with experience in "War Wounds" could do in an aid station?

Explosives exist in all sorts of forms these days, everything from classic "modeling clay" types like C4 and Semtex to liquids and even "foams" that can be sprayed into crevices. All you gotta do is obtain or make some, stick it in a heavy duty heat sealed plastic baggie and implant it. Long term leakage and health issues wouldn't apply, ya just gotta keep it intact for a couple weeks max.

As far as implanting goes, a surgeon may have to remove many feet of small intestine due to damage, people live just fine with that. Anybody could get an implant in their abdomen that way, cut a few feet out to make some room, even stuff too much in there and all ya get is a beerbelly.
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Damn. Exploding boobs are a reality. What a world we live in.
Btw, yeah Tara Reid's tits...uugghhh messed up....

When guns are outlawed, terrorists only need boxcutters.
what a way to go!! exploding tits, now thats original.
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