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The Enfield did a 3 inch group out of 9 rounds at 35 yards (I didn't have a longer area to shoot. This was open sights kneeling without any mods or tweaks except cleaning the grunge off.

My K31 did a 1.5 inch group of 5 shots and 2 of them were close to being shoot throughs! That's open sights kneeling on the ground in some nasty ass humid weather which was making me sweat like a pig.

The results of both rifles make me very happy. I can honestly say that all my C&R rifles perform very well and haven't had a horrible one yet except maybe the M44 which my Dad was able to tune into a great shooter.

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I have yet to shoot the K-31 or the Enfield.

Have not gotten off my butt to go to AIM and get any ammo for either one.

The Enfield is in pieces in my garage at the moment anyway.
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