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Even though as civilian owners of AK-47's we are proud to own the world's most hated and feared rifle, the pit bull of firearms, 99.9999999999% will probably never even have the opportunity, desire, need, etc., to fire our weapons at another human being. Thank God for that.

But we all like to see our favorite weapon used for its originally-designed purpose: war.

With that I'd like to submit my list for the best AK-47 movies of all time. This list basically has one qualification: Each movie has to feature multiple characters running around shooting AK's at their enemies. I have exempted films where only one character uses an AK in the entire movie.

Here's my list:

1. First Prize: RED DAWN

The all-time favorite of AK fans everywhere. Russians invade, and BOTH sides use AK's against each other. What could be better? (Pass the popcorn).

2. Second Prize: BLACKHAWK DOWN

Hot on the heels of RED DAWN is this film about an ill-fated mission in Somalia during the Clinton years. The film is intense almost from beginning to end, with Somalis of every size and shape shooting Kalashnikovs at our troops. Someday, somebody will count the number of AK-47's in the movie, and the answer will surprise everyone.


All three of these movies are "Vietnam" movies, although UNCOMMON VALOR involves a bunch of middle-aged men going back to Vietnam to rescue prisoners of war. A lot of people will consider these three more "AR-15" movies than "AK-47" movies, and there is a lot of truth to that, but since the enemies use AK's and there are plenty of battle scenes, these are fine AK movies. (Given Third Prize because the emphasis is not on battles with AK's as in the two previous movies. Although BLACKHAWK DOWN could also be considered an AR-15 movie, it fits 50-50 in both categories, and so gets Second Prize).

Honorable Mention: NAVY SEALS

Really, only the last scenes in Lebanon feature some good AK battles, but it is worth watching. You will probably skip to these scenes after seeing the movie a dozen times like I do, but it remains a fine action movie.

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Heh, my oldest daughter is a big fan of Agent Sydney Bristow. Last season, when Bristow & Co. get captured by Macedonian terrorists and the CIA team turns the tables on them, there is a lot of full-auto AK fire. My daughter turns to me and says, "I want one!".

Ya gotta love it whe you realize you did something right in raising your kids. :D
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