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The Tax Man Cometh

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My wife and I just did our taxes. Clamed 0 dep. on w-4,itemized, clamed 1 son who is in colledge and ourselves and still we owe money. Both of us together made about 56 k last year. WTF! Technically we is poor. But w/ carefull budgeting we are able to pay our bills and even play a bit. But our house cost only 45k and we have never been able to buy a new vehicle, just nice 10-16k used about ever 7-8 years. Is this what I am to expect under Obama? Probably worse next year and worse after that. This is what you get when you try to do things honestly. I told my wife its a shame but the gov has forced us to now lie,steal, cheat, whatever it takes so I never have to pay in at tax time. I have no problem paying my fair share but this is bullshit.
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I *wish* I were paying taxes this year. Not that I love taxes, but being unemployed is worse. This is the first year since I started in the workforce where I do not need to file. No income = no income tax = legally no need to file.

Sorry about "Uncle Sugar" stealing from your sugar pot, mtdew!
1st. mtdew. You sound like me almost to a t. My wife and I finally declared "0" dependants and had them take out a little extra. So now what happens? I get our tax refund, cash the checks at the bank, walk to the court house and give them our tax return money $997.00 this year to pay tthe taxes on our 1938 $45k house.

2nd. sjohnson. Sorry to hear about your situation, but you might try filing anyway. There is something about a low income tax credit. When there is nothing coming in, it is nice to get a wind fall no matter how small it is. And it's not welfare because you paid for it while you were working.

I went through the motions and filled out a return. No income means no "free money."

Same as the Bush tax stimulus. Only taxpayers received the "rebate" check. I was in school and didn't make a dime that year, so no soup for me!
It really does suck to work your ass off, just to make enough to pay for housing, food, transportation, etc., and never get even a little ahead. Small "luxury" purchases remain elusive, let alone grander plans on what to do with the supposed "recreational" side of life!

It's a pretty gray life to clear only enough to work some more to clear only enough to work some more to clear only enough ...

All while you hear on the news how "underpriviliged" need a helping hand from the entity making your life a drudge.
Welcome to Socialist heaven!!
Yeah, thats what I thought too. I guess it could be worse, and
i hope sjohnson you find work. What are we gonna do? Pay out the arse I suppose. All the while the gubernment wipes their ass and blows their nose w/ our hard earned money. wastewastewaste
You should live in SC. We have tax on everything here. Personal property tax on vehicle tags. State tax >6%. Sales Tax>6%, property tax (home - ridiculous), tax on gasoline, liquor, hell they would tax the air if they could meter it. And then the feds want a big chunk. If I had a big ass which I don't, I could still put my billfold in my back pocket. There's nothing in it so it remains very flat.
Damn taxes. But not to worry! O bad boy is giving away free health care insurance to those who don't and some who have never worked!!! Wonder who is going to pay for that????
Damn I hate taxes.
Oh yeah, have a nice day!
all i can say is if you have a paying job, hold on to it for dear life cause in this "jobless" recovery they ain't making any new ones!
Paid around $500 on top of was stolen out of my check.

Next year the big O and IRS will have an easier tax form. How much did you make. Send that much and we will bill you for the rest later. Old joke, but pertinant now. I wonder if monkey brains paid any taxes this year, or was he on the receiving end?
We need to change tax day to Nov. 15th instead of April 15th. Just imagine how people would vote when shortly after voting taxes were due.
Darn, all my last years income was lost in a boating accident.
( fax me the appropriate bail out form)

We need to change tax day to Nov. 15th instead of April 15th. Just imagine how people would vote when shortly after voting taxes were due.

now that is a good idea! change the tax deadline to a couple days just before the election! so all those taxes you paid in will be fresh on your mind when you hit the polls!:rockin:
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