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thermold 20rd master-mold mags for $4.99???

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CDNN has a decent weekend sale on mags

they have $5 flat rate shipping.

you all know i am allergic to 20rd ar-15 mags but it wouldn't hurt to have a couple just for low profile stuff.

anybody ever use the thermold 20rd mags?

i had some of the surplus IDF and canadian thermold mags--they sucked.

i have heard that these later US made ones are OK--but this is just the internet rumor mill. as cheap as these are it makes me wonder if they might be junk/crap??
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I don't know about these mags in particular but I have some "cheap" mags for my AR, like a 10 pack for $80 bucks or somethin....and I've used them for the last 7 yrs and I haven't had any problems with feeding or anything out of them. They might be worth tryin out....
<center>WEEKEND SPECIALS</center>

well after another look the have 20rd c-products and 30rd c-products mags for $6.99.

the thermold mastermolds might be good mags and at $4.99 a pop it is tempting to try um.

i am going to order the C's though. for the extra $2 you get a no tilt follower and i know there good mags.

damn c-mags are so cheap now days it is unreal. with this sale you can get a dozen mags shipped for $7.40 each.

the sale and the shipping are just good for the weekend though.
I picked up 5 of the 20 round master molders.

The plastic is very flexible. Definitely is a cheaply made magazine.

HOWEVER, it actually works. Though the plastic isn't anywhere near as hard as the pmag's polymer, I have yet to have any issues with feeding. It doesn't come with an anti-tilt follower.

Food for thought, the midterm elections are coming up. It might be a good idea to load up on these and sell them off for much more when the next ban comes rolling down hill like a pile of shit. It's obvious the current administration won't be coming back, so I'd say go ahead and drop some money on a few.
Don't get me wrong though, for five bucks, it's a good deal.
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