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This could happen to your gun!!

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I just go this today. It is a Smith & Wesson Victory model that was made for sale, or lend lease to
Britain during WWII

After the handgun ban in England that said they could only own .22 caliber pistols, this Victory model was neutered to .22 mag. The chambers were sleeved, and I belive a new bbl was installed, not sure on that though..

Don't know how it made it into this country, there are no import marks..

If this could happen in England, it can happen here!!!
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Custer said:
My Dad has one that was redone in Britain to chamber 38 special instead of the Brit 38 chambering. It has the Brit proof marks for the armory work. A ton of these were imported to the US in the 50's.

It has replacement grips and I would love to get him a set of original grips.
They'll be imitations, but I think you can get reproduction grips from Numrich/Gun Parts Corporation. They're on the 'net.
dinger said:
Hi, I'am from the UK and the firearm laws here suck...
Well, to make you feel a bit better...

You Brits can get sound suppressors for your airguns. Here in the States we can't 'cause our government sez they can be readily used for firearms - and suppressors for firearms must go through a Federal tax/registration procedure that's best avoided. Anyway, British sound suppressors for airguns can't be imported into the USA - I tried, that's how I found out that our government doesn't distinguish between them and suppressors for firearms.
Yep - what Custer said. Making a Maxim-design suppressor would be fairly easy, but I restrict my criminal behavior to crimes worth doing time for.
thebigca, we've already surpassed the UK when it comes to silly airgun laws. As noted earlier in this thread, sound suppressors for airguns are available in the UK but not here. And the Junker airguns remain legal in the UK. There's been some chatter about them in the forums: They're a bb-gun built on an AK frame, astonishingly considered by BATFE to be a machine gun so not importable. A few made it into the country before BATFE came up with that creative bureaucratic nonsense, and they command pricey collectors' prices now:

A while back California was attaining new heights of absurdity with a move to outlaw spud guns, don't know whatever happened with that.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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