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This forum needs a post...

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I wish I had a M-16.....
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Cousin Stinky said:
I wish I had one too.
You can have mine, I want my M9 back. (It's in Iraq, the M9 that is).
Cephus said:
Way to go nick!!!!!!! But i again have to agree with The SangRunR IWANT MY M-14 and that is the weapon of choose for shooters .
I didn't go to Iraq, the pistol did. I don't WANT my M14, because I've GOT my M14, pre-ban, private sale, Fed-Ord (early, all-GI parts). I hate M16's, never shot well with them, I've got a Bushmaster I built w/ Heavy Barrel, doesn't shoot well for me, but then, I never shot well w/ an AR/M16. My next project is to build an M1. I've got a good parts "kit", gonna buy a DCM receiver shortly.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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