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This is important! Need barrel thread info

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Okay guys,

My Dad came up with an idea that I had never thought of and I will look up the info if no one has it here.

He has seen threaded Galil .223 barrels for $39.

What is the size and pitch of the Galil threads?

Do they follow the same as the Russian pattern? The Russians were sticklers for using the same tooling over and over. The Nagant is .980 16V T.P.I and it would stand that the SKS probably has that same size and maybe the original Russian threaded AK's.

Does the SKS have that thread size?

Did the Israeli's use the same thread pattern as the the Finns and Swedes for their versions of the AK.

If the Galil barrels are the same pattern then .223 AK's and SKS's could be made pretty easy.

Anyone able to fill in the blanks?
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:dunno: maybe send firing line, or someone who makes milled receivers an e-mail for that info??? I've been scouring the web, and can't find a thing...
oh, boy, Cephus... hope that little girl makes out ok...

I just e-mailed a guy who operates a business called "galil services" (check the site)... If he don't know, I don't think anybody would...hope to hear from him tomorrow.. I'll post ASAP when I hear from him.
HERE IT IS>>>>Receiver end mic's to .824 diameter x 1.50 (metric) thread pitch. (.223 cal)

This is from Jim Meredith at Galil Services. What a great guy he is...also, the thread on the muzzle is .500"-28 tpi. They offer alot of neat services, and seem very knowlegeable.
Hope this helps you out, Sang...:thumbup1:
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