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You know, we (USA) do more than any other country on Earth, governmental and private when people need help for disasters. We're blessed with wealth, good climate, and geography to do this.

Why do some of these turds think it's a good time to use this as a way to get one up on Bush. It makes me sick!

The UN and there crap about rich countries being stingy. Bush not commenting soon enough while he was on vacation at home in Crawford. Well, excuse me! It was the Christmas weekend and I would expect any high level exec to be taking a break like many people do in this country. It wasn't real clear right away how bad this disaster was and Kofi Anon was on a ski trip himslef and it took him several days to comment.

Forget all of that! Let's worry about helping these people! The state department put together some emergency plans right away along with the military.

With the current UN scandal issues it does not bother me the the US has decided to organize it's own effort and I can bet we are getting aid to that region quicker then if we had to debate whether France was going to be the leader of the UN operation for 3 weeks at the NYC headquarters.

I say get help there as fast as any nation can get it there and that means any nation! The UN crap can be worked out after the fact and as people arrive in the region. This is probably the worst natural disaster in our time and things just have to be, period!

BTW: If something of this magnitude happen here, do you think any country besides Britain, Japan, Australia, or Canada would care? Probably not and screw the rest. We've shown through all our hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and snow storms that we'll help oursleves just fine.



December 31, 2004 --

THE political and ideological exploitation of perhaps the worst natural disaster in all our lifetimes is almost beyond belief ? were it not for the fact that nothing these days is beyond belief.

Even as tears spring into the most hard-hearted person's eyes at both the unimaginable scope of the tragedy and at the wrenching individual stories of loss, opinion leaders just can't help themselves.

They are using this cataclysm as little more than cheap debate fodder about the nature and character of the United States, its president and its citizens.

Don't misunderstand.

It is fine and proper to have a debate and discussion about the degree of generosity the United States could, should and must show in the wake of this literally earth-shaking event.

But at this moment, the United States is not the issue.

The foreign-aid budget of the United States is not the issue.

Our government should not be the focal point of the discussion right now.

Don't we owe the dead, dying and injured the minimal grace not to convert their suffering into a chat-show segment ? the latest left-right clash over the Bush presidency?

And couldn't the editorialists at The New York Times have forborne ? even just for a week ? making use of the tsunami to complain about U.S. government spending on "development aid"?

Development aid is the blanket term for American grant money handed out to other countries, supposedly to help their economies grow. Development aid has nothing ? nothing ? to do with what has happened.

The aid at issue now is disaster relief.

Secretary of State Colin Powell found himself in the position of having to remind the world that over the past four years the United States has provided more such aid than all other nations on the planet combined.

It is appalling that he had to mention this, and that President Bush was compelled to cite the same information on Wednesday, because you're not supposed to brag about how charitable you are. But once a United Nations official decried the American aid pledge as "stingy," the administration had little choice.

Any rational person would have understood without having to be told what the president told the world on Wednesday morning, which is that the $35 million pledge "is only the beginning of our help."

But maybe people are looking for a sideshow to distract them from the sickening pictures and the keening cries of the untold numbers of mothers whose babies were swept away.

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I think the media is digging themselves deeper and deeper in the hole, and this just proves it. Darned if you do, darned if you don't!

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More than likely they see this as a diversion from the little Oil for Food scam they got caught in.

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I for one don't see why we have to come to "resue" of every third world shithole with taxpayers isn't the gov'ts money to begin with to hand it out like you just won a prize on "the price is right". if the elected officals want to throw away money, that for all intent and purpose will end up in the bank acounts of these petty third world corrupt gov't officals.......let bush and the rest of the scum in congress get their check book out and use their own money for that purpose.......frankly i'm sick and tired of the elected officals here just handing out OUR MONEY, to any third world shithole with a hard luck story or any disaster, be it man made, or natural.
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