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Just got back home from a long drive.

Picked up a m-44 (Izzy) and

a M59 SKS. It's an old SAMCO import. I don't see too many of them anymore although the M59/66's are still quite common. It was missing the bayo which came today in the mail. Man are those M59 bayos hard to find. M59/66 bayos are all over the place but the M59's not so much.

It is also missing the cleaning rod which is on the way. Bolt/stock/recr match. Stock has a 1.TRZ on it which was the military arsenal at Cadak so it was refurbed there.

Nice looking rifle, bore looks pristine.

IMG_1590 (640x480).jpg

Mrs SouthTexas is out of town so I can sneak some rifles in. They are harder to hide than pistols. :naughty:
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