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thompson price check please

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I looked at a 1927 A1 , it says AUTO-ORDNANCE corp on it. condition looks like new to me inside and out. only thing I see is slight ware on sides of slide track "normal". it has 1 drum, 2 sticks, nice original looking green sling.
I realy need some real price range. what would be average?? what would be too good of a deal to pass by?? what would be the line ware it was too much to buy??
please post in ! I do not want to over pay and I certainly do not want to miss out if it is a good deal. I do not know thies at all.
thanks in advance HB
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Do you know how old it is ? From my understanding the West Hurley made ones can be either great or horrible depending on your luck, the late ones seem to have more complaints about than the earlier ones. The early Kahr made ones are mosly shunned for having cheap parts installed (mag catch, ejector, trigger etc.) that break or are out of spec.
no I have no idea how old it is.
I do see "West Hurley" on it. I test ran it and it never missed a beat even with odd shaped, stepped soft cast lead bullets. round nose went through great too. any price range?
The drum is worth at least $150 if its a recent made one and a lot more if its an original USGI. There are two 1927 thompsons on gb right now for around $575 and $700. One of which has one of the ban 10rnd drums. They're auctions so who knows what they'll go for. It looks like most of the new ones are over $1000 I don't think they've all come back down to normal pricing yet from the crazyness of the last year. I'd think since its used with the drum you wouldn't be too far off at $700 for a steal, $800 for a good price and up to almost $900 if its in excellent shape. After all if you were to get a new one and run a few hundred rounds through it you won't be able to tell any difference.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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