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thoughts on the Saiga IZ-240 in 5.45

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Any of you have one of these? thoughts? I realize its a 47 receiver but what mods does it incorporate over original - if any?
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Don't quite understand what your asking?
It's based on the AK74 but setup to meet US "sporting rifle" configuration, it can be modded to make it more like a military style rifle.
I like the Saiga 5.45 over the other Saigas for ease of conversion in that it already has the dimples in the receiver
Are you asking if they can be modified back to a AK-100 series, rifles?? if so the answer is yes they will need the old barrel fittings to be removed and likely bulgarian barrel fittings be installed.. The russian barrel fitting are punch welded on and some are cross pined also.. The punch weld's has to be machined out with a ball mill for removal. They are a good buy as far as them being a real military Russian receivers but it is a fair amount of work to convert them over to 100 series type guns. They may also need a bullet guide installed to make them feed from the 74 mags properly.. It would be easier to just build ya a Bulgarian Ak-74 on a NDS 2 EZ receiver spend the $40 bones and get a bulgarian side rail scope mount from K-var and your gonn have a shit hot Ak-74 where ammo is only$ 119 a thousand.... For the conversion you'd also need all the furniture for the front end and butt stock pistol grip, as the Saga is has sporting furniture.. So your talking more $$ on that end also only about $100 bones extra for a Kvar Us made set in plumb or od green.. so when ya start adding it up $$ even if you buy a saga 545 for about $400 you'd have to spend about $400 more to convert it be bad ass.. where you can build a bulg 74 for about $650 7 depending on how you go on your compliance parts Cheap or more expensive..

The other option you have is to just order one already built by K var (a saga conversion I'm talking about) they are about $ 800

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got it - good answer...thanks
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