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My VEPR's barrel measures out to be .610" and I want to thread it to 14x1mm LH threads. My questions are:

1) is this diameter to large for a 14x1mm die to thread?

2) if so, what are different ways that I can grind/sand/dremel to reduce the diameter of the barrel closer to 14mm so that I can thread it?



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Turning down the muzzle end of the barrel.

I looked this up in Machinery's Handbook #24

M14X1.5 (M14X1 is not listed) external metric thread M profile limiting dimensions=

Major Diameter Minor Diameter
Max Minimum Max Minimum
13.968mm 13.732mm 12.344mm 11.930mm

Metric conversion: mm to inches

1mm = 0.03937008"

So it would appear that the maximum outside diameter of your barrel should be:

13.968mm times 0.03937008" equals 0.5499201"

You said that your barrel measures 0.610", so:

0.610" minus 0.5499201" equals 0.0600799" (or about sixty thousands of one inch.) That is roughly the thickness of twenty sheets of paper stacked one on top of each other.

Brownell's sells a Barrel set back fixture that is ment to cut barrel shoulders without the use of a lathe. (See part number 080-762-380,Page 121, catalog number 55, $111.11.) Perhaps a simular fixture could be made that would turn the circumference of the barrel. Like a Foster neck turning tool. (Used to turn the outside of brass cartridges in the neck area.)

I don't really believe that you really want to try to remove all of this material by hand. You really should get a machinist to turn it down on a lathe.

That is just my two cents.

Thumb Clip Pull Pin.

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Same question on that 12ga (20ga?) magazine.
And do they make one for the .410 Saiga?

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14mm is .551" and to use this size die on a barrel it's diameter needs to be +/- .01" of .551".
You are going to have to have the barrel turned down in a lathe to thread it 14x1mmLH.
The most cost effective(cheap) solution would be to drill the threads out of a muzzle brake with a 39/64" drill bit. Then heat the muzzle brake and hammer it on the barrel. Then use either use set screws or weld to hold it on.
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