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Tokerev pistol into rifle ideas

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I have a m57 pistol on the way and was thinking a conversion barrel and stock would make it into a cool little rifle much like the conversions for the 1911 45's and other pistols.

And yes im aware that one it becomes a rifle it has to stay one but a around $200 for a pistol and I have the reamer for the 7.62x25 round It would be a cheep way to get a SA x25 light weight rifle. Im not sure about doing the lug on the barrel Im guessing they are welded on????

Im looking to make some thing simular to the Browning Buckmark rifle. it will be cheaper to do than a AK conversion likely and the weight would be much less. no Hi cap mages unfortunatly but Im betting some thing could be made.
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From what I've seen, the locking lug is just a band of metal that wasn't machined off. Should be really easy to do on a lathe. I haven't looked to much at the toggle link though if that's what you're talking about.
I could see that being fun.... could do a dedicated frame Frame Stripped Chinese Tokarev Pistol - $25.00 :, Your source for military surplus. could do 7.62x25 9x19mm and 9x23mm...

Though when you give the tokarev a good look you will see that you could build most of the parts yourself.....
That is a neet idea 1biggun !!!

The Tokarev pistol barrel uses rings turned on a thick portion to act as locking grooves. The link lug is machined from extra barrel meat at rhe breach. It may be possible to TIG weld this lug to the barrel.

A welded-on stock mount would be needed. The grip frame is solid steel in that area which is handy.

A high capacity mag may require something like the Taylor drum mag or locate an early Chinese import double stack Tokarev pistol.

I am pretty sure that the norinco double stacks were only 9mm. The frame was different between them and the single stacks. A close relative is the Zastava M88 pistol, it is a bit smaller and is offered in 9mm and 40S&W.
Yea I mean for $190 there cheaper than most AK kits the weight would be very light when done Im sure there are some cool stocks out there like a UZI folder or maybe even a AMD folder or a even a AR retractable would be doable.

I was thinking of maybe boring out a original barrel and pressing in a new barrel into the the link lug if there is enough meat. I will have to see what it looks like when i get it.

the x25 round is one that a longer barrel should really help as far as velocity and accuracy.

I like the idea of using a dedicated reciver frame. I may need to order a few more of these. a 22 reed would be really slick also built on one of these. Every body seems to want a cheap 7.62x25 rifle thats cheap to shoot and this might be the way to go.

I was also thinking of a longer pistol barrel with a compensator on it or possably a break.

are there any accuracy and cutom parts for these guns out there???????
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deltaten and i were discussing this concept last week, in reference to the CZ52 pistol. the tokarev uses a short recoil tilting barrel, whereas the CZ52 uses a delayed roller blowback. so either would have possible function issues related to increased barrel weight.

we decided that modified CZ24/26 magazines mounted in a widened grip frame and a sliding wire grease gun type stock would be the way to go. on the back burner as the wife rants and raves about the various carpentry and gardening projects she turns me to every 5 minutes or so.

looking at ROMY TOK:

the CZ24 mags would have to be modified to a single feed position and single stack width for the top of tower (about 1" minimum) as the frame and slide are too narrow to accomodate them as-is (looking at a set now). the mag catch is just a screw and a spring and lug that could be modified by changing the screw out for a longer one. the front of the frame is a true radius on interior that would have to be altered in the split and re-weld to accomodate the square corners of the CZ42 magazine.

looks like the magazine could be modified by casting a fiberglass interior mold of the interior of an original single stack magazine (with release agent) and making up a transitional double stack insert out of steel bar that stock mags could be split, planished, and rewelded on. feed lips would also require massage. this or topping a cut off 24 mag off with a 1" cut off from a tok mag that has been splayed. end result would be a 32 round doublestack that transitions to single stack for the last inch and would not feed the last few rounds, so they should be dummies chained to the follower. prolly 28-30 effective capacity.

the feed angle of the 24/26 magazine as designed is nearly perp to bore, and the original tok is about 15*. no telling how this would work out in the real world without modification of the follower.

another wild hare, weld a tok mag onto a PPSH drum as a tower and add your chain linked dummies in a stack of 10. even a pps43 mag could be modified this way.

if there is consideration for a barrel shroud or forward attachment point it would have to be welded to the lower frame, as adding weight to the slide would affect function.

anyway, it's a mental exercise and an excuse to dig around in the gun room.

what the hell. i think i'm gonna do this with a junk romy, a tok mag used as a topper for a pps43 mag, and a piece of .375 ID hydraulic tubing carefully welded to the front of the original barrel just for shits and giggles to see how it will run. if i run it without a stock i can always chop off the tubing and go back to stock with only the loss of a few magazines.

if it works well i just have to find a long enough skinny barrel blank to machine down to tokarev type. bet it will be real quiet with a long tube extension, and a pussy cat with a wire stock. barrel tilt in unlocking will determine ID requirement for any kind of barrel shroud to be attached.

will post sometime after the carpentry and gardening is done...
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Are we re-inventing the Mauser C-96 carbine here ??? Those were cool oldies.

I was thinking more of adding a yugo AK fiked stock to it some how for a all yugo build from time period correct part possably
Wow !! Pure art form with a purpose !!!

You can do it 1biggun. Start with a nice hunk of walnut and take your time. It would be a good idea to make the stock non-detacheable on a new build.

I was thinking of getting a spare frame and what ever gun it fits and moding the frame to fit my needs. that way its no big loss if it dont work out. with a frame I dont care about Im sure I could mill in or weld some type of attractive detachable stock mouting point as well a a spot to add a fore grip as well.

was thinking that a fluted barrel would reduce the weight and possably any issues associated with adding length and weight to the existing system. a 12" barrel with a perminate light weight extention would work as well and keep the weight down. Im not sure at what point the x25 round reaches dimenishing returns in regards to barrel length.

I suspose I could build a barrel insers for my H&R 20 guage and Chrony it and cut it down untill its starts slowing down.

I was thinking of stainless for the barrel.
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I too have thought along these lines with the same M57 platform. It could be sort of an Iron Curtain "Man From Uncle " gun.
I wasn't sure about the legality of having a set of components that could , if worked on in the wrong order or carried in the same tote, possibly become an SBR. ie: if you still had the old barrel along with the shoulder stock. I have seen the kits for 1911s in Sportsman's Guide so I'm guessing the responsibility for staying legal is with the individual. Caveat emptor.
I was also thinking about a 16.5" barrel and a shoulder stock on a PPS-43 SA but wondered about the point of diminishing returns with the x25. If a 9x19 worked well in the old Ruger carbines I think a Tok round would still have some powder left to burn in a legal length rifle barrel.
Im sure that a 16' barrel would be fine in a x25.
Post on velocity measurements of different 7.62x25 ammo in a Ishapore Enfield with a chamber adapter. THR - View Single Post - 32ACP Insert for 308?
I have given some though to converting a high point carbine to 7.62x25. Though things may not fit, I don't have one to measure and don't know anyone with one.
Hello mrtank,
You could give High-point Firearms a call to chat about this caliber. They may be interested in its' potential (sales etc).

or call MKS Supply @ 937-454-0363 or 877-425-4867

Presently they offer their carbine in 9x19 Luger and 40 cal. A 45 cal is in the works.

This is a damned good idea. As best as I can tell, the barrel is more or less a lathe project.

A few years ago I tried a 1911 carbine kit and it just wouldn't cycle with the added weight. You may have the same problem here, or maybe not.

It would certainly make a light weight, handy little carbine.
the barrel has locking lugs that interface with the slide I wonder if the barrel is hardened????

One I f the guns I got has a rusty barrel :( It may be a perfect candidate for some serious custom work. I ended up with my pick Of 7 diffferant guns as I got some buddys to buy some as well. several of them only had 4 didget serial numbers with a leter behind the numbers ????? im not sure if this means any thing??? it is unfortunatly the rusty barrel one the gun has no cosmoline on it at all. several have stuck safteys as well??????? 4 are like normal covered in sosmo and in good condition. I have some Ideas for a 10 or 11 round mag also
The original Luger Carbine had an accelerator under the forestock. You might be able to make something like that to overcome the weight problem. The Lahti pistol also had an accelerator and Ive seen carbines made up with that pistol.
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