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Is this Irony?

Mexico backs U.S. border troops plan in principle - Yahoo! News

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Mexico does not object to U.S. plans to station troops along the border between the two nations as long as the soldiers do not arrest Mexicans trying to get into the United States, President Felipe Calderon said on Thursday.
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Calderon just doesn't get it!!
I think Calderons but is pluged up and is suffering from bean gas in his head
If he wants to stop the gun trafficing, why doesn't he put his troups on his side of the fence? Then there would be twice as many soldiers to throw rocks at each other. What a laugh!!
It would be funny, if Obama hadn't assured Calderon that the troops would NOT arrest any illegals!
the easiest way to stop the gun trafficing it to take the guns away from the police & army who are selling them to the drug lords!!

he is a real ass hat!
With the crap that you have to go through for an NFA I just can't imagine that there are that many FA's on the black market. In all of the gun shows that I have been to I have yet to see live grenades and functional rocket launchers. These idiots need to get real and quit giving us a bad name.
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