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top general in afgan getting the ax!

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Obama lies,the General is a honest Man.Keep the General,Obama must go.
I totally agree. I saw a 60 minutes episode where he said he was not afraid to say what they needed and also rais a stink if he did not feel he was getting the help he needed. Well he did what he said he would do and I respect that. If Obomma is not going to do what is needed to win the war he should be criticized. From the people and his staff. Democrats love it when the soldiers were "standing up for their rights to not go to a war that was Illegal" but now it is not so appreciated when a soldier is talking out loud against his administrations policies and strategies. I for one will be sad to see him go as I think he had the balls to get shit done and Obomma may be up shit creek if he does go. I think it is funny that Afganastan president is calling for Obomma to not fire him as he has a good relation ship with him as opposed to the other cronies that obomma has put into place over there.
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No, he voted for Obama and complained about his lack of leadership. Now he is in trouble (duh). "We told you so"?
Long legged mack daddy gonna can one o his voters. We are so screwed until November unless the vote stealing damocrats fall short.
Like mom said if you can't say something good shut the hell up!
tow the "party" line or else! looks to me like lots of screwy things going on with the higher ups these days.
Based on this and a few other things I've been made aware of, I suspect we are perilously close to a "7 days in May" situation. You know it has to chafe the brass to know that the same party that dissed the troops, tried to sabotage the war effort in Iraq, fostered accusations against the troops, etc, etc, - that same group of traitorous bastards are now in charge. You know that has to chap their hides. Then we see shit like this?

Suffice to say that, as I tell my boys frequently, I don't see how this country will survive the next 4-5 years intact.
Does anyone notice the distinct irony here ?? General Stanley McChrystal was selected to command in Afghanistan especially because of his reputation of being able to deal with diverse people and their views.

What does McChrystal's comments really mean ?? Perhaps we have a serious MESS going down in that islamic cesspool. The leftist clowns from DC intervening in the war effort as per usual have caused grief. They brought BS to the battle not bullets !!!

Not to forget for a moment that General McChrystal is a political general. I have mentioned this in a previous post. Was his magezine interview a slip up ?? I doubt that big time. Something is up.

looks to me like lots of screwy things going on with the higher ups these days.
Yeah really.
Who was that guy that just anounced the other day that he's leaving, a budget director or something like that?
If he had of come out and said he was a queer, that would have been OK. Instead he comes out and speaks his mind; not OK.
Talkin bout Queers,on another board a guy was sayin Obama is a member of a gay mens club back in Chicago.
Afghan politicians rally around Gen. McChrystal

Black Blade: It would appear that the General won the hearts and minds of some important Afghanis. Now the qurestion is whether or not the Commander-in-Chief can set aside his ego and refuse the resignation now that the Kadahar Offensive is about to start.
if those ass hats in washington want to run a war, they should have joined the army. they are making the same mistakes as they did in viet nam.

they need to let the soldiers do thier job with no interference, and not play politics with thier lives.
Worst part is the Taliban are reading this and smiling from ear to ear.
Pull the troops out. Let them all kill each other.
General Stanley McChrystal was fired by Obama and replaced by General Petraeus today. Curious what the hell is going on.

we were losing the war in afgahnistan- mcchrystal meth was in charge- patraeus was winning the war in iraq- easy decision- especially since republicans love patraeus no shit from them. this is a no win situation-ask the russians- i'm with 4th div1 vet-
He said he welcomed debate but WILL NO TOLORATE DIVISION!! Who in the hell does this think he is??I'll talk to this POS!!! NO MORE!!!
Talkin bout Queers,on another board a guy was sayin Obama is a member of a gay mens club back in Chicago.

He might not suck a picker, but he will hold it in his mouth.
The little black boy got to fire a big white man.
One of his dreams has came true.
McChrystal picked a hell of a way to retire. Nobody makes it to his rank without knowing full well what reporters do and for him to allow a fucktard from Rolling Stoned to hang around was retarded at best............ or intentional for a reason.

He GAVE Obumfuck a win/win situation at a time when kicking Obama in the gut is what the American people need going into an election cycle. Obama now gets to come out on top while making the military look like a bunch of out of control subservient rebels. I fully expect Homeland Security will take full advantage of this situation to further push the appearance that military personnel can't be trusted and are potential terrorists.

McChrystal screwed up big time, he didn't do himself or the services any good with this stupid stunt. If he had a grudge to bear he should have publicly voiced his concerns in a professional manner and put the heat on OBummer. Instead, he gets this situation then makes a huge mistake of apologizing before finally resigning.

If he wanted to exit the service on a positive note, he should of met with Obama and clubbed him to death.
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