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trickyrick's pps-52

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i started this when i started my pps43 build. since the 43 came out so good i decided to revisit this one. i had extended the shroud to accommodate the 18" barrel, welded in repair section, mated barrel to trunnion...and let it set.
started removing rust today... :D. pulled the barrel/trunnion out of this mess

and chucked it in my lathe to sand it down. just surface rust from an evap cooler. below is rust removed and waiting for casey's super blue.

using sean's tried and true method, found here, Login, i did the barrel and trunnion. here it is after 6 applications.

super blue is supposed to be a blacker finish than the cold bluing. one thing i found is that during the process, if i rub it down w/ 0000 steel wool soaked in the bluing solution, let it set, then wipe off and do another coat, it seems to help in the chemical reaction. it comes out much blacker and much more luster after polishing with steel wool and oil in the end. below is a pic, not great, but it shows how dark it gets.

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:D I like that

What stock did you use?
Evap coolers ??? That sounds like Arizona to me.
Optics would make your rifle look more lethal !!!
That is an interesting and neet build. Please let us know how it shoots.

the pps52, or wz43/52 is a polish pps 43 that has wooden stock.
worked on the front sight tonight. had to make cross bar and drill and tap for post like on the pps43.

then i cut the rear sight to be welded on. used a laser bore sighter to select placement.

welded it on and then did preliminary clean up w/ dremmel.

had to remove the nice, stock matching orange color. also got the trunnion plate blued.
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cut out the lower for the fcg. it is a winchester shotgun fcg. i know everyone is talking about not using these and going more traditional, but this is what came w/ kit in trade and i need the parts count.

here are two of the fcg sxs. left is original and right is modified.

in lower.

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made this tonight.

it goes here.

to hold this in place.

welded to hold IT in place.

there is a notch on each side of frame in fcg that IT slides into.

right there, in front of the hammer spring....see it?

then i drilled a pin hole to mount the rear of fcg. here's what it looks like.

tomorrow i'll cut and weld rear part that goes between fcg and rear of lower and holds take down pin....until then...nite.
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got the upper done today. not thrilled w/ the finish ....but it'll keep it from turning rust colored again. ;D. i used button head screws to hold in trunnion bracket. i drilled and tapped a hole in top of trunnion and used a 1/4"-20 button head screw for that. i welded 2 threaded inserts together to use as the pivot pin and used button head screws to hold it in place. i need to find some black nuts...i don't like the sound of that...instead of the shiny ones. somewhere i lost one of the stock screws so i'll have to find one to replace it.

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I don't know what you would call "IT" but your making good progress :D
lol, thanks that brought a big grin while i'm working on collecting all my tax stuff for the accountant.
stopped and got some more weights today. picked up 2-2.4 oz, 1-12 oz, and the bolt weighed 19.2 oz per scale at ups store. haven't decided how to place or which to use yet, but here are some ideas.

this pic shows length difference from pistol to new ones.

these would add almost 5 oz to bolt.

or this one could be welded to the end of bolt and slotted to accommodate the fp and guide rod.

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the bolt i have in my pistol build is 24 oz iirc. i may take it and try it as a starting point if fp is long enough and bolt lines up w/ hammer.
got my lower finished and coated.

then i installed a bolt for a swivel to connect my bi-pod to.

here's what she looks like.

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That actually has some nice lines to it. Great job and thanks for sharing!
Is that a PPs41 stock? And what flat did you use? Did you have to make a longer reciever?
wow, that looks great! how doe she shoot though?!
sorry guys, you resurrected this on me. mr scratches, my back itches...could
that is a polish version of the pps43. forget the actual letters and numbers. i actually extended the shroud by drilling holes in an 1.5" pipe and welding it in between receiver and shroud. as to how it shoots...should be fine. 18" barrel, not extended original. still have to make f.p. for it. that is all i have been missing for almost a year now. i get to a point where i have proof of function and kinda lose interest. keep your eyes on this and watch for me to finish up 4-5 more soon.
Very cool.
thanks, did get this to fire reliably....then the tip broke off the fp and there it sits,,,,again. but it is so
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