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Trigger rivet jig?

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Saw a post for s trigger jig that does the rivets for $50. Is this a necessary piece of tooling to buy if I plan on building an AK? Can the rivets be done without this piece of equipment? I guess an expert opinion would be appreciated here.
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The reason a trigger rivet jig exists is obvious only if you've tried doing it before ;)

The center support and the rails block you from directly riveting the rivets, so you have to jury-rig something to work around this. Makes for some interesting rivet attempts. The jig simplifies the process to allow you to do all five rivets in one operation, all in alignment.
Interesting. So would you skip all the hassle and jury-rigging your first build and get the jig, or start with the headaches so you learn more?
Depends on what your plans are... if you plan to build only 1 rifle, then all the jigs may not be worth it.

Then again if you install these rivets BEFORE you install both the lower rails and center support pin, then you should have enough space to "normally" install these rivets.

Or you can fabricate a bucking bar out of some metal that has a notch in it to work around the lower rails and center support bar, and just hammer the suckers down.

But if you plan to build AKs for a while, then this jig would be helpful and save time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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