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On my builds it seems that the safety selector doesn't have to move very far from the "Safe" position to go into the "Fire" position. I mean it seems like you just move the lever down just a little bit and you can fire the rifle.

Not liking this situation, I perfered to move the selector where it almost hits the selector stop before being able to fire.

The way I accomplished this was to silver solder a small piece of .250" bar stock to the right side of the rear trigger arm. It was like extending the arm to further engage the selector. Prior to soldering I used the handy-dandy Dremel Tool to cut a slit in the bar stock. I then pushed it into position making sure that the bar stock was level with the top of the rear trigger arm. I then soldered the piece to the trigger.

I had to do the final fitting by installing the now modified trigger, check, remove, file, install. You get the picture. Now I feel more secure knowing that I have to move the selector lever much further to engage the "Fire" position. Just thought this might help someone else who has this problem and wants a safer AK.

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