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I think it was me that referred to thinning the safety stop plate on the other site. I just performed this on my Bulgy AK-74 because of feeding problems. The rear of the mag was not being held up high enough by the mag release and the plate thickness wouldn't allow the rear of the mag to be lifted any higher. If you are able to get yours to feed by pushing the rear of the mag upwards then you will only need to thin out the high stepped areas of the stop plate. This will close up the gap between the mag release and the stop plate and will help keep the rear of your mag up where it belongs. Only file enough to tighten the mag up in the rear or you won't be able to get your mag inserted at all. I fired my rifle yesterday afternoon for the first time since performing this fix and it fires without a single failure now. :)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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