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Two For One Shot Hog Hunt!

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*Let me say right off the bat the; the photo is a little bloody, so stop right here if thats not something you want to see. Not trying to be PC, just a heads up. It was late at night and the skeeders were as thick as I've ever seen them!*

Well, the final week of our 19 year lease is coming to an end. I think I will make at least a couple more hunts this's tough knowing it's almost over.

Going though 2 divorces was easier than loosing this lease!

Any way, went down to bring some more junk back and get another hunt in Saturday. The afternoon hunt went pretty uneventful. Went back to camp to help the guy who bought my dad old hunting truck load it.

After he was on his way I loaded a few things then stopped by the feeders to put a bag in each one. I took my most recent built AK and when I walked up on the feeder I could hear them munching corn. So I set the bag of corn down. I eased up to where I could see and there was a bunch of them.

Normally we don't shoot them at night, but the rules of engagement have changed. So I turned on my little Swat Force flashlight that is mounted on the quad rail hand gaurd. I found one that was turned right and popped it in the head. I pointed the light sky ward in hope they would come back, but they didn't. When I walked up the pass though bullet hit another little pig right behind the ear!

I'll take being lucky over being good any day!

Ammo was the Wolf black box 123gr HP.

Picture isn't the best, but it was 10:15pm and I was lucky to even found them in the view finder:

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That's awesome!!! I need to pig hunt sometime.
Good thing about hog hunting is they smile even when you kill them.
Hello Oh neat you got the hogs. May I ask where the hunt is?, what state or any public lands nearby? , I'm not looking to take your hunt area. Don't get me wrong. I'm interested doing hog hunt in the near future. I did lots of small game hunt when I was younger, lost all my hunting grounds. I hunted Northeast Illinois, too much population, not enough hunting lands. Will need to travel for hunting. Thanks
I'm hunting in Texas.

That was a 8,000 acre lease that we've had for the last 19 years. We lost (or will loose May 31, 2010) the lease to mis-managment of the new 4th year new owner...3rd owner total...

There are some good public land hunts, but they are drawing hunts for a specific day/date. The open public land is hunted pretty hard. The local effort is pretty stiff.
Hello CaptnC Yes I understand the license red tape, we In Illinois have "lotto" drawning for firearm deer hunts, sometime we miss out firearm deer hunting cuz failed to get tag due to" lotto" not pick our name.Thanks for your reply, I find this hog hunt interesting. You got some nice hogs. Have a good one. IRONMULE
Thats sweet I have seen some deer shot like this, both through the head.
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