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Update - U.S. built AK-74 floorplates

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Can't tell you how happy I am. The prototype is working, need to find sheet metal that isn't galvanized & then I'm going to start pumping these out.

Question about sheet metal cutting/stamping:

What's the easiest way? To make this practical for mass production, I need to find a quick/easy way to cut out sheet metal blanks cookie-cutter style.

Short of buying a press and die-stamping them, I'm wondering what are my options? Cut-off wheels work but are not easy. What about sheet metal shears or nibblers?

Enjoy while you can... in case the page doesn't show, my Internet connection is having problems and line maintenance is scheduled for this week... again.
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It won't be long till you make every part of an AK Jerry!!
Polish Taipan said:
Don't they have to be pair with a US made follower to be considered one US part together, like handguards? Is there a place to get US made 5.45 followers?
No I believe they are each considered a part. See #15 and #16 on the AK's 16 countable parts.

1) Receiver
(2) Barrel*
(3) Trunnion*
(4) Muzzle attachments
(5) Bolt*
(6) Bolt carrier*
(7) Gas piston
(8) Trigger
(9) Hammer
(10) Disconnecter
(11) Buttstock
(12) Pistol grip
(13) Forearm handguards
(14) Magazine body*
(15) Follower
(16) Floorplate
See less See more
Vis, would that work for cutting out flats from .40" 4130?
1 - 3 of 110 Posts
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