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US hikers in IRAN engaged?

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Jailed US hikers engaged in Iranian prison: mothers - Yahoo! News

when i first saw the title i thought they were engaged to tango!

it seems they are some kind of liberal peace nicks wanting to make a name for them selves in the MSM.:grumble:

some al-quida types ain't too fond of liberals and peace-nicks!
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Berkley college students hiking in Iraq (and a border area to boot) as if it were some Disney theme park. I say let Darwin win this round then post the head cutting ceremony on Youtube. The gene pool will appreciate it.
Maybe we could send the rest of the Berkley students in to rescue them. Of course the couldn't take any guns cause they are bad.
We'll, It's plain to see.
That these students. FAILED Poly-Sci.

Hope the "orange Jumpsuits" don't clash, with ther wardrobe.
? Did the Mothers realy think, they'ed bring them BACK.???
Should watch more MSNBC. Your one and only MOONBAT NEWS NET.
That is so heartwarming. :loopeye: I am going to call the State Dept. and see if I can get a visa to go to the beheading.
Although I agree they are idiots for what they did, I do not want to see them beheaded. They are idiots, but still americans.

Now I do not want to swap any prisoners for them either. We can't start down that road, or this will never end.
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