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US Marshals in front of my house?

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I'll have to watch the local news today.Just heard a car door shut and looked out my side window.Across the street are 6 US Marshals in there black combat outfits w/over body armor talking in the street.My first thought,"What did I saw on the net"?I grabbed my coffee and went out to sit on my front porch and watch.A minute later they got in there solid black Dodge minivan and full size sadan with blackedout windows,and did a U turn in the middle of the street and went down a side street.:)
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The dreaded black van just doesn't have the same shock effect if you're using a mini van. I'll have to tell the wife her black dodge grand caravan is tacticool!
only the government would buy a dodge minivan---
Seen them drive by again.Maybe there on manuvers and just playin.
Seen them drive by again.Maybe there on manuvers and just playin.
Rails. Make a couple of pots of hot coffee. Then get two dozen doughnuts and sneak over and put them on your neighbors porch.
Go too your cellar and stay there for about two hours.
I did that once and them bad boys left. :)
Rails, good thing you put your neighbors address on your drivers license.
only the government would buy a dodge minivan---
Soon to be replaced with a Government Motors made vehicle, I'm sure.
Make sure you have a video camera with extra batteries handy. You could also call some friends over and pound some coffee. Good luck sleeping tonight. Lord knows I would be sleeping very lightly.
Wrong address and they don't know where to go? Hahahahaha.
You missed your chance to tell them what you thought of them. Not to mention showing them your latest AK, first hand. :lol:
That crossed my mind.In the last 30 days I bought a AK,SKS,and two case of 7.62x39.
Rehearsing for a Keystone Cops remake?
How many hidden cameras have you detected?
I checked the ULT poles near my place,I'm good.I mounted a Aimpoint Mark lll on my Romy GP 10/63.Thanks
True story: A local guy sees an HVAC van working in his neighborhood. His furnace is acting up. He calls the # on the van and the # is not in service. He sees an OLD verizon van working on all the utility poles the same week. We noticed 3 new rectangular boxes all positioned toward the same area across the street.
The guy whose house they seemed to be focused on worked for the airlines. Middle eastern decent, I think he may have said Syria, but claimed to be Christian.
In this area ALL verizon vans were replaced w/ new ones lately. They sold the old ones off. Obviously NOT verizon.
Sure enough.
About a week later the street was full of black suburbans and that same HVAC van. Turns out the neighbor was carted away for smuggling something on airplanes. No one knows exactly what he was supposedly smuggling but he worked for the airport and had a fairly high clearance/paygrade.The boxes were left behind for several days. They are not there now so I guess they came and removed them.
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That crossed my mind.In the last 30 days I bought a AK,SKS,and two case of 7.62x39.
Ah ha!
That's what triggered the response.
As soon as they get the address thing sorted out they'll be over to see you.:scared:
Maybe this:Man Opens Door To Cheviot Apartment, Is Stabbed to Death by Acquaintance
Gavin Mays

Police have made an arrest in the stabbing death of a Cheviot man Thursday afternoon. The U.S. Marshal's Sofast Task Force arrested a 17 year old this afternoon and charged him with aggravated murder in the death of 26 year old Gavin Mays.

Teen Arrested in Cheviot Stabbing Death - :: Cincinnati news story :: LOCAL 12 WKRC-TV in Cincinnati
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I dont think so Rails. They are watching you.
O.K. here is what you do.
When your neighbor is not home. Sneak over and switch numbered addressees with their house.
The L.O.s will hit the wrong house giving you time too make your escape.
Old bookie friend of mine taught me that one. It worked.
Why are Federals acting in what should be a local case?
Thats what I'm wondering.I googled US Marshals/Cincinnati and got many hits from resent actions here and across the river in Ky.It looks like they are doing a lot of warrent arrest work.
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