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VEPR-12 Bolt Lock

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Commonly known in the West as the LRBHO device:

[video=youtube;v3gqHxLYGyU]]YouTube - vepr-12 bolt lock[/video]

Looks very simple in concept! Latches against the hammer pin and not the trigger pin. Engages the bolt stop which I assume is spring loaded to stay in the down position.

There is an obvious gap toward the top of the magazines where the rounds begin to slide forward, and there's just enough room for that front "finger" that is bent down into the magazine to be engaged by the follower. That seems to be how all of this works out. On an aftermarket mag, that corner will need to be cut out some for the finger to fit. I'm not sure how well this would work WITHOUT the magwell. But it does raise some possibilities.

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Interesting read from Rusmilitary:

25.02.10 - ANNOUNCEMENT: From now on ALL Saiga-12 shotguns will have a factory-built LAST ROUND bolt stop mechanism (Spetsnaz-2 available from 10th April / Hunter, Spetsnaz 1 & SWAT from May). If you wish to pre-pay, we are offering two free 8-round magazines on top of those two included in the package.. For those of our customers who purchased shotguns in the past, we'll have a 'DIY' conversion kits (no earlier then May), which can be installed by FSU for a small charge. If you purchased Saiga-12 from one of our dealers - please contact them directly to have your shotgun upgraded..

SOOOOOO....... how soon do you think it will be before we can get those bolt stop parts ourselves?
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