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I gust wanted to let evryone know about the stock I got today. I got it from classic arms 704 684 0650 it cost less than $10, that was all I needed to see to get one. It was adverticed as new and comming with mounting screws and when I asked them I was told it had no but plate. I figured WTF I will buy it anyway to see. Well it came today and is totaly compleat with spling loaded butplate, swivel and screws. it is perfict and beautifull. I know some guys do not like thumb hole stocks,,,, but after building my romak111 I have no bad feelings about them. I am going to build romak111"s lil brother, kind of a tiny twin. Anyway I realy think a deal like this is WAY TO NICE not to share with fellow gunco members. Classic is a good co. to buy from.

I would take I photo, but you have all seen the quality of my camera allready.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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