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VZ58 barrel problem

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A ametur in gun building (me) needs a little help. I installed the barrel in my vz58 kit today but, dumb dumb has the barrel in too far and bolt carrier won't close. I used a ORF tool to insert the barrrel but how in the heck does one get the barrel back out (only so slightly)?
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Well I don't know anything about an ORF tool, but you will probably need to use something like a socket extension, etc and push with the barrel pointing down. Since you can't get right behind it, you can use a piece of metal placed through the magazine well so it sticks out on the top and bottom sides, then put blocks underneath the metal to support it. That way it will only press the barrel down a little bit until it hits the supports. That should do the trick.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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