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want to learn how to build!

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Great site. Not new to aks but am new to building them. any info on good equipment? i am not broke but would like to get a good deal. i am young (23) and want gear that will last all my life. any info would be great. thanks

P.S. i live in lakewood CO. any build party's? or people that build in my area? maby we can get together and you can give me some knowledge?
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Welcome to the forum. There are probably many that build around Colorado. just look around and ask. Plenty of information around here. Good deals abound. Have fun.
Pick an easy build for your first (like an AK). They can be built cheap or expensive. Tooling and and parts are not overly expensive.
I think Apex is close. Go there and spend some money -- Lord knows I have!!
Hello & :welcome:

yes APex is close by you and you can get anything you need there....

and if your close to AURORA colorado then look up "Tbcseod" he's a member here and lives there and is very helpful to building and machinery..

oh and the most important thing to know is: READ, READ, READ! its all here.

Hello & Welcome

Yes, there's more then enough info on here for building.
You might want to (if you didn't already) check out the "build it yourself" area and start a thread asking these questions there, more people go in that area then in here.
hello and welcome!
yet another from Co
definitly check out the thread welldog posted
a great bunch of guys!
ill get out there in august so i might see you out there!
enjoy your stay:)
Shaun are you going to Colorado school of trades there in lake wood I went to gun smithing school their in 1990
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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