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Wasr 3???

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Has anyone purchased one of the Wasr3s from Century? I missed out on the SAR3 thing (sometimes my consevative tendency gets the best of me). I am thinking about getting one and putting a folding stock on it after the ban sunsets. Kind of a private ban sunset celebration . Jack
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I'll call my dealer friend today & see if he has an update on the shipping schedule. As I said earlier, I have one of each coming. I'll post the findings tonight when I get home.
PS: I'll be riding the Deuce today.
WASR 2 & 3 update


First off, shame on you for missing the SAR3's. Now for the update.......
Dealer told me today they are to be shipped any day now. They are hi caps.
He tried to get more info on them, but the person he talked to either couldn't, or wouldn't give specific info on the recievers. He had an interesting question, are they 7.62 with a changed smaller bore, or the mag wells cut out, or sar2 or 3 recievers. We'll know soon, said he'd call as soon as he had more info. I'm still in for one of each, so far.
PS: The Deuce ride was wonderful, just not long enough. :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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