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Wasr 3???

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Has anyone purchased one of the Wasr3s from Century? I missed out on the SAR3 thing (sometimes my consevative tendency gets the best of me). I am thinking about getting one and putting a folding stock on it after the ban sunsets. Kind of a private ban sunset celebration . Jack
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How hard will be to made use high cap mag ?
yup, same here I like to know how to
Was century inport these WARS and make to high cap ?
Was century use a some US parts on the guns already ? like the shittly trigger, and pistor grip ?
hey I was think about the same thing, I got 5 of these from K-var when was on sale for $10. my problem will be the gas port. cause I never press anything in or off the barrel yet.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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