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WASR10 barrel from APEX

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I bought a surplus wasr10 barrel from APEX to go with my Romanian underfolding kit. It has the rear,front sight and gas block pressed on but not pinned. The barrel threads are suppose to be turned down as per import regulations but it has a barrel nut mounted on it. I don't see any tack welds. I want to remove the the gas block so I can use the one that came in the kit (with bayonet lug). I thought because it did'nt have threads that the barrel nut must be pressed on. I started to press off the front sight and barrel nut but it won't bug. I have a 12ton shop press and got scared I was going to ruin the barrel if I went too far.

This is my second AK build and I never had to press off a front sight and barrel nut before. Have any of you had experience with these barrels and are these barrel nuts pressed on or what?
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Your barrel nut likely has a right-handed thread ie reversed to remove !!!!!

Some heat may be needed on the gasblock etc castings before pressing. Also look for cross pins hidden under paint on that barrel.

Take a picture of the front, should be able to tell is there are threads present. (try the macro setting)
The barrels I got 3-4 weeks ago had no threads just a sleeved cap and one of the caps was tack welded on. I took the cut wheel and hit it lightly and she came right off.
There is a website that sells a nut with threads for the apex rome barrels the only thing it has a 24mm thread on the end instead of the 14 to 1.
The WASR barrel I bought from Apex had that funky nut on it too. It was not welded on, it was glued on. I just clamped the nut in my vise, then grabbed the rear sight block with a big cresent wrench and cranked hard. It broke free and reveiled that there are no threads underneath.
Yes MaadiMan that was it. A funky barrel nut that I twisted off. Thanks, now I can Proceed as planned. Glued!! now lame is that?
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