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what about the guts?

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You get so far with your 80%...focusing on taps, drill presses, welders, files, rails, presses, measurments, part kits, paint bla bla... but I dont know how to put in da GUTS!
Anyone have a file or a link to some pictures/diagrams of the internal parts of an AK47? (that is'nt in Russian!)
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i got ta be honest, the excitement I felt last night was almost unbearable- I made copies of all the diagrams from links you guys sent me and put the parts in. I had no idea how an AK actually functioned until last night, for some reason I thought it was going to be more complex then it was. The build still isnt done yet, i got to make the center support today and mig the lower rails in place-along with welding the receiver to the trunnions-then just some minor filing of the upper rails. But I'm real excited about how the whole thing is coming all together. And I got no one to thank but EVERYONE here at! You guys are the is Dr. M. Kalashnikov for designing such a fool proof machine. To all the newbies like myself out there, Dont give up-keep asking questions no matter how stupid you may think they are! sorry for the wishy washy rant. I got work to do, good luck building.
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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