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What do you guys suggest for home defense?

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Actually I am asking for my wife. Being someday if I happen to be away, I know I am going to worry. Right now I have an ak with a laser dot. And she knows how to operate it well. But I am beginning to think maybe shotgun.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Shotgun is definately best.. There is no sound more intimidating than that of a 12 gauge opump being racked..

I would like to know sometime, how many lives have been saved/robberies thwarted by the sound of a pump shotgun being racked??

Also, with the addition of a side saddle shell holder, you don't have to leave the gun loaded, and it is very quick to load form the saddle..

That being said, I would not spend big bucks for one.. I don't understand $1000 shotguns, I really don't?? They may look cooler, but they all throw shot down range, and for close in/home defrense that is all that matters..

And in this modern day age of, "someone else is responsible for MY actions/ I'll sue" world.. you can load the first round or so with a bean bag/less lethal round, so if you have to move to shot and kill a intruder, you can prove that you tried a less lethal measure first, but the situation escalated to lethal force..

If you kill a intruder with the first shot, you could have a harder time proving your life was in danger. which is what you better be abe to prove if you kill someone in your home..Unless you live in Texas and it is after dark...heehee

Edited to add:

Welcome to the board, I know you will find tons of info here..

Also, I love your avatar... Sponge Bob rules!!!!
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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