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What do you guys suggest for home defense?

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Actually I am asking for my wife. Being someday if I happen to be away, I know I am going to worry. Right now I have an ak with a laser dot. And she knows how to operate it well. But I am beginning to think maybe shotgun.

Any suggestions would be great!

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Thanks you guys! Its time to go shotgun shopping.

What gauge do you suggest. 20 or 12??

I will no doubt get it in pistol grip.
My friend wants to trade me his maverick 88 12 gauge for my 5.45 krink front end. It has the whole front end parts. Just no buttstock or trigger parts. It was a demilled one from kvar.

What do you think?

Your post is not scattered Hotbarrel, and I do get your point. Its a very good one, I thought about recoil and such. So I might lean towards a semi.

I have been doing searches on shotguns and found somewhere that a 20 ga. is about the same as a 12 ga. at 25 feet. I don't know if its true or not.

I dont know if you would want the krink or not, right now it is demilled from welding, so the welds need to be ground down, plus it has a blind pin in the brake. I got it in trade. Heck, it seems I have just as much fun buying, trading, selling and looking stuff over that I do shooting.

I forgot to ask, does the 20 kick less than the 12 in semi?
And anyone have experience with the saiga shotguns? I have heard good so far.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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