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What do you guys suggest for home defense?

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Actually I am asking for my wife. Being someday if I happen to be away, I know I am going to worry. Right now I have an ak with a laser dot. And she knows how to operate it well. But I am beginning to think maybe shotgun.

Any suggestions would be great!

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I think someone NEEDS to mention the one most important thing for home defence. This may be double if you are conserned about another family member portecting herself. also if their will be others potentialy with you in the house in the event of an unwanted intruder.
You realy must have intruder drills just like fire drills, this way you both will know what the other will be dooing without discution. lets face it their will be no time to chit chat when someone is in your home to do you harm.
We practise many differant situations here and and what we are going to do about them if they ever happen. the BIGGEST thing is how to answer the door!! A large presentage of the time people open the door to the home invadors. Our number one step to answering the door is allways to be shure it is locked. then ask who it is. often they will sound very nice till one of them is in , then it wil change, or when you open the door to talk to one another will run up and then the both of them will start to attack. you NEED to be ready for this. We had a woman and man dooing this in our area till they got cought. the girl would get the victom to open the door and then when the door is open the guy would come from out of sight and attack. they did this many times before getting cought.
we had a few kids pull the same thing on a guy with a small gun shop he shurly had plenty of guns around but he had no preperation plan, so he and his wife ended up taped up to chaires as they were robbed, lucky to be alive.
think what the invador is likely to do and what you can do to stop them in their tracks. Practise what you will do for any trouble you can think of and you will be more likely to react if the time comes. You will not think well enough or fast enough if you are awakened to the sound of a bump in the night, but if you have had invasion drills you will react in a method well thought out , tried and tested. this will swing the odds in your favor. lets face it most invadors think you will be helpless or simpaly floundering or they would be going in another house, an easyer house. their beliefe that you will not respond well can be put to your advantage by being prepaired. they will not expect that.
door answering drills. A BIG MUST , never open the door to a stranger. NEVER NEVER. Is someone claimes to need a phone then offer to make a call for them.
door kicked in drills. must do ware will you go in that moment, what will you do or get. the invador will be able to orentate themselves in a second or so , you better be able to get a sutable stopping weapon in your hand that fast. thies need to be well thought out with you in differant places in the house and seperate drills for them.
bump in the night drills. must do, must be well thought out. if it is dark in the house you can use that in your favor over an invador. others in the house need to know what you are going to do and ware they should go to keep loved ones safe,
All in all no weapon is going to help if you are not ready. you must talk about with the family, and act apon it before it happens or you are an easy target.
just my thoughts... the hotbarrel
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oh yes semi auto 12 ga will keep most thing from comming up the stairs or down the hall to your bed room. maby something like #6 or #5 shot will open up a bit but at close range certainly will change anyones mind.

BOOM BOOM thud,,,,, then the sound of his partner 's feet running out . BWOOOOOHAHAHAHahhhhh. next post ,,,, how to get those nasty blood stains out of your fine carpets HAHAHahahhhh
I do not know what your krink front end is worth but I think I would not trade it for a 12 ga.. not to anyone but me that is . I just got a semi auto 12 ga with a 3 round removeable mag , naturaly I had to make a 5 round mag too so I made one from a cetme mag. want to trade that krink front end fror it ?? :thumbup1: think about 12 ga comming out as fast as you pull the trigger. that should slow down anyone.

another point that must be mentioned.. any weapon is no good if she is not comfortable with it. you are asking for a weapon for a woman and bigger may not be better. my wife uses a 9mm and is MUCH better off with it because she just is not comfortable with the 357, or even with a 45. but man she likes that 9mm and is very comfortable with it. not afraid and in controle, I pitty the fool in front of her with her 9mm.
your wife may be better off with a 20 ga, 12 ga is no good if she is not comfortable with it. as I mentioned before you realy need to invlove her and just like a car test drive before you commit. I know my post is scattered but I hope you get my idea
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CDNN has 12 ga semi's new for 119 and 9 shipping , I bought it when it was 99 and it is pretty nice . maby you can find a friend with something similar for her to try
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