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What is the attraction to the AK74?

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I'm not trying to start crap or anything; I'm just curious.

All of my AK's are in 30-caliber, and I was wondering what the attraction is to the 5.45x39 as opposed to 7.62x39 or 5.56x45.
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the only 5.56 ak i have is an 84s that i bought NIB from vollmers a couple of years ago,figured it to be a decent investment as theres never going to be more chinese ak's imported,and i have to say i love it,its accurate reliable and comfortable to shoot.
but for some reason i still prefer my Romak II and Bulgarian 74 one of them always ends up going when i go shooting ,they have less recoil + its little cheaper to shoot not to mention the cool factor all of which makes them great for non-shooters to introduce them to the sport.
I think my Bulg was one of the last rifles Randy at independence shipped before going out of bussiness.the fit finish and rivet work are great..

the Romak II is set up with a laminated stock set and romanian front sight assy and a US muzzle brake

the Bulg is a bulg 74 kit on an OOW hardened rec with plum furniture
wish my darn camera was working
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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