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What is the attraction to the AK74?

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I'm not trying to start crap or anything; I'm just curious.

All of my AK's are in 30-caliber, and I was wondering what the attraction is to the 5.45x39 as opposed to 7.62x39 or 5.56x45.
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amdburner said:
I was firing my 74 Bulgy this weekend and was able to unload 3 30 rounders inside of 7" at 100'. It's a beautiful thing!
This is my first post, so I'll try to get it right. I just returned from the range after dumping 300 rounds with my Bulgy 74. Indeed it's a beautiful thing! I have 2 SAR 1's, a SAR3, the Bulgy 74 & waiting on delivery of a SAR2 I got from SCUBADVR. That one should be here this coming week. I also have a couple AR15's and an AR with the .50 BEOWULF upper. I enjoy the AR's, but this AK addiction is where the real fun is. Since I got on the AK binge, I don't do much with the others. So far, the 74 & the .223 get the most attention.
Keep shootin'.
scubadvr said:
Hey Rgswamp, welcome to the board. :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Pretty soon you can add the SAR2 to your list. As you can see this is a great group of guys. Please post as much as you can it makes the board that much better. Jack

Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to all the darksiders where able. I've been watching this board since you passed it along. I like the no whine, no flame I've seen so far.
As for the SAR2, I'm anxious to get it, should be here late this week. I took the SAR3 & the anniversary Bushmaster out today, had a great time, and shot well with both. Man, I love a good day, all black & no fliers.
Thanks again for the welcome.
Okay, so those of you who have both a 5.45 AK74 and a .223/5.56 AK, which one do you prefer, and why?


This is like asking "what size is a white shirt?" I have both, and I still can't decide. When I shoot the SAR2 & the Bulgy 74, I believe them to be the best. But then I take the SAR3 out, and believe it to be the best. I recently compared them both to my 7.62's, and decided they both win. I will say, I wouldn't dump my 7.62's, or any of the other guns I have to make them my mainstay. Bottom line here is, love them all, shoot them all, buy them all. I do think it is written somewhere, Man Cannot Own Too Many Guns, I may have written that myself, beats me!
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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