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Mbakercad-I've handled/shot/carried over 2 dozen different Romanianmilitary AKs over the years-this is what I remember. All the 7.62x39 versions were AKM-never seen a Romanian AK 47 though I hear they do exist. We had solid stock AKM, underfolding AKMS, and side folding AKMS carbines. The solid stock AKM all had foward slanting front pistol grips-every AKM I saw had brown(various shades) plastic grips, buttstocks and lower front handguards were laminate-medium brown shade, upper gas tube wood was either solid wood or laminate same color. Bluing on all Romanian were same as on current SARs, all had blued bolt carriers. None had optics brackets on the left-only E. German MPi AKS74 had them. Folding stock AKMS(underfolding MP 40 style stocks) all had rear facing foward grips to clear the folding stock when closed-wood same as the solid stock AKMs. Little 14" barrel AKMS carbines had a mix of foward slanting front grips and regular beaver-tail front handguards-wierd cone flash hider, and side folding stocks. On the regular AKM/AKMS most had the standard slant front break-a few only muzzle nuts.Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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