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Okay, I'm sure everyone has some perfect fantasy gun that they'd like to build. I'm going to build one of my AMD-65 kits like this:

The only difference will be a barrel extension. I'm kicking around some ideas for a permanent extended flash hider for after Sept. 14. I don't think I could bring myself to install a fake suppressor. The other option would be to submit the forms and pay $200 for an SBR registration. I bought a couple sets of Blonde Hungarian Elm furniture recently, and I think it'll look good on a shorty rifle.

The AK.45 is in a holding pattern until all the damn June weddings are over. These things are killing my weekends! Winn hooked me up with a set of RPK barrel blocks which will make the conversion MUCH easier. Thanks again, Winn! The guy that sells the M3 greasegun magwell adapters for the MAC10 hasn't returned any e-mails yet, so that could slow me down. The guy who was going to weld my U-bend (v1.0 with the screwed up front end) is on vacation until July!

With the popularity of Ruger 10/22 upgrades, there are plenty of factory barrels that have only had the 4 proofing rounds fired through them. This could mean a .22 conversion in the future. The only downside is the Ruger mags I was considering are damn near wider than the AK receiver. With a weld-pack, this wouldn't be a problem. I/O has some AK magazines designed for .22LR, but I don't know if they still have them in stock.

For a 9mm (or 7.62x25) conversion, a weld pack would be great for drum magazine use. I have a CZ-24 barrel somewhere, but I can't find it right now. The 9mm barrels are available cheaply, so there's no excuse not to build one. The Suomi drums used to be cheap, but have skyrocketed in price over the past few months. I'm glad I bought several when they were cheap!

Those are a few of my fantasy builds. So what's yours? Chop up some pictures with MSPaint or Photoshop and show us what you'd REALLY like to build!

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Rhino_66, That looks sweet. I really like that and have always had a soft spot for that blond or light colored wood. My AMD-65 is sitting here collecting dust while I await the jigs to mash the rivets and remove the barrel. Im planning on building several so Im going to have to do one like that!
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