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Where is Slamefire51?????

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Does anyone know how to get ahold of Dan.I am cocerned about him.He hasn't been on this site since Jan 31.I had contact with him Jan 27 on a pistol kit that he is building for me.I hope his health hasn't failed him.If anyone has a phone # for him I would appreciate it.Thanks,gunut
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I just looked and I don't have his contact info.

I, as well, hope he's ok.
ive got his contact info.....

and had heard from him a couple of times....

then he got back to me and told me he was in "full swing again" trying to get caught up....

then just NOTHING... ive emailed him several times and no reply's... will try him again tonite.

Thanks Dutigaf,We are in the same boat as far as health,I hope he is sitting at his bench making pistol kits and is too busy to mess with gun sites.gunut
guys i sent him an email back when we posted this and still havent heard from him....

and he's not been logged in over at WG or MF either.

I got his contact # and left a message,no reply as of yet.I hope he is OK.gunut
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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