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Where to get a really good parts kit?

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Anyone care to suggest where I can get a really good kit to put together?

I like the AMD65 but would consider a different kit just as long as it is in really god condition and has matching serial#'s. (Don't suggeast Tapco. See my other post)
Thanks from a Newbie
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you guys might think I'm foolish, but I bought the Bulgie thumbhole stock kit from Lois, and it is BEAUTIFUL!
the wood is the best I've ever seen, and there isn't so much as a finger print on these. you need to buy trunnions, and make minor mods to the stock for a stamped rear tang, but a super nice kit for the money. Each part is wrapped in oilskin and numbered, and it even comes with a scope rail. regular 23mm trunnions will do, so don't let the "milled" scare you off. one nice kit. I polished the bolt and carrier, and will be making my own receiver from stainless for it to give it a unique look.
Anything I've bought from centerfire has been top shelf, and Lois is the best!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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