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Where to get a really good parts kit?

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Anyone care to suggest where I can get a really good kit to put together?

I like the AMD65 but would consider a different kit just as long as it is in really god condition and has matching serial#'s. (Don't suggeast Tapco. See my other post)
Thanks from a Newbie
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SangRun Hunter said:
Centerfire systems has good kits from time to time.

Lois from Centerfire post here quite often and she will give you good customer service. I've always had great luck with her.

This is Lois' page for Centerfire.
Centerfire is always my first choice (go through Lois) and besides the 65 kits they still have the AMD 63 which is more like a conventional AK. Don't forget K-VAR they have some 74s that are pretty nice. Last take a look at Interordnance they have advertised some Romanian kits (some reports indicate mixed numbers).

Personally, one of the guys here, Scott, has DPH Arms and he is gathering interest on some awsome 74 kits. Check out his web site, or send him an email.

Hope this helps, Jack
Yea, its if you want an AMD 65, its hard to pass up the price Centerfire Systems is giving.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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