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where to get springfield 53a .22 bolt

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Need a bolt for springfield savage stevens 53,53a or b. Can anyone help? Restoring for a friend whose grandfather gave to his dad and his dad gave to him.
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Wow, I checked several places, then googled it and didn't find any.
Maybe worth a phone call or an email. I've found some hard to find parts here in the past.
About Gun Parts! ...Bob's Gun Parts. Top Page Commercial Super Site.
thanks for the help. I've ran into a dead end. I had checked Bobs website and they didnt list it but I'll e-mail him and see. Hes also about 30 miles from me.
I know it's not on their site but get a hold of Numrich, since they changed the site they don't seem to have as much listed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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