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Which parkerizing solution works best?

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I plan on using a hard lube like Permaslik or 27a as the final finish on my receivers. I've been looking at different companies solutions and everybody claims to have the best. What do people here use as a base?
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Would you give a couple of sites. Especially the one run by Jeff.
Thanks Dennis, I will give it a look. I didn't know you were in to M1s. I am just in the investigation stage. I am looking to get one maybe around the first of the year, who knows maybe in Harrisburg in December. Are you going to that show?
F-Troop said:

I did not realize that there was one. I?ll try to make it and let you know my progress. What are the dates? We might hit the Atlantic Brewing co which is nearby and has great food.

Good luck on the Garand. I have a small collection and teethed on one many years ago. It was so much more pleasant than the '03 my father used.


Dennis, the show is December 11&12th here is the promoters web site .
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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