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Who can make an Ar barrel from an Ak barrel in 5.45

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Hello! Looking for anyone/ any company that will turn a barrel blank or chambered AK barrel and make it into an Ar barrel with pinned extension. any good references?
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model 1 sales has them already made. there are also complete uppers available from a couple places.
Stimpy on FALfiles did one long ago, before all of the commercial ones. You're better off just buying one, it's more work/money to make one outta an AK barrel than a new one is.
does anyone make a press-fit barrel extension as opposed to a threaded one?
I have never seen one. I've heard about them from some of the members here. I'd think it would be a bad idea as there isn't much meat there to pin it. CDNN has extensions on sale right now for $10. The barrel would need to be threaded .8125" (13/16") x 16 UNF for the extension.
it has been done. i know of several built back when they were no ar-15 barrels in 5.45x39

now days you can get stripped one for $100 that has the barrel extension set up and head-spaced. so there is not much demand to convert ak barrels anymore.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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