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Who watched the conventions?

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I watched all 4 nights of the Republican convention and most of the Democratic one since I was stuck in the hospital for that one.

I think Zell Miller did a great job of saying what needs to be said even though people will call him a kook for it.

It looks like the Bush campaign has the answers and a clearer vision of where to take the country. Infact, I'm not really sure what Kerry is standing for other than having served in Nam and raising taxes.

Kerry looks like he is going to go nuclear on Bush though as I was reading that drunk driving records and ex-girlfriends from the 70's that had abortions from getting pregnant by W will be surfacing.

Regardless of anything else this is going to get real dirty.
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Sorry Cephus,

I know what you're saying. My Uncle served in Nam and I had another die there. Even my Dad who did not go to Nam, but was in the service at the time was infuriated by Kerry's testimony in 1971.

For that reason I have no respect for the man and the fact he can say vets cannot comment on him is unbelievable.
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