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who would be interested in getting some ak flats?

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I'm trying to see who would be interested in a quantity buy on ak flats. This would work out good for those that would like to get some flats at a good price, and with the jigs 555th is making or with other jigs that you all might have this would be a good deal. If anyone is interested please post at the thread listed below.
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I am interested in 4 flats if I can get ahold of a jig to bend them, Let me know!
I know I am new here but I am very interested in getting started building. I have built custom Mausers, worked on and built Cetme's(tough build), and rebuilt countless Ballester Molina pistols. I do alot of selling on e-bay with a postive feedback rating of 1836. I do not want to get in anybody's way but I would like the use of a jig for a short time. Whatever I can do to make this work let me know, Gtodvr
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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