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pmbiker said:
I'm talkin slide stop, thumb safety, hammer/sear/disconnect, etc....
I'm real fond of CMC parts in general, but for fire control parts, I am a little more discriminating. For an ambi thumb safety, there is only one: King's. Look at one up close, and you'll see why. For hammer and beavertail, my distict preference is for Ed Brown. For trigger and bow, it's STI. For the sear - you'll be surprised - it's back to CMC. The reason? I have discovered it takes less work to get an excellent 3-3.5lb crisp trigger pull from a CMC sear than from almost any other brand, except maybe a Wilson. I use full-length guide rods in all my 1911s, and I go to Wilson for them. I also use only stainless, allen-head grip screws which I get from Accur-tune. For slide stop, bushings, sights, etc., it depends. I'm not real picky about them as long as they satisfy what I am trying to accomplish, although I usually go back to CMC.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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